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  • Added Spider-Man

- Can jump high, has speed, strength, and uses the "Web Shooter"
- Suit is stronger than diamond

  • Added Spider-Man's Web Shooter

-​  Right click in the air and you can web swing; right click on block you can spawn webs 
- Breaks webs quickly

  • Added Ant-Man

- Suit is as strong as diamond

  • Added Ant-Man's "Sonic Ant Caller"

- When right clicked, can summon ants

  • Added Wasp

-​ Can fly and uses her Wasp Stingers as the main attack
-​ Suit is stronger than diamond


  • Added Black Panther

-​ Can jump high, uses "Black Panther's Claws", and has a speed boost
-​ Suit is stronger than diamond

  • Added Black Panther's Claws

- Deals 4 hearts of damage and gives a poison effect to the enemy


  • Added Ant

-​ Deals 2 hearts of damage
- Has 3 hearts of health
- Not Hostile (only attacks criminals and bosses; except the Mandarin)

  • Added Radioactive Spider

-​ Deals 4 hearts of damage
- Has 12.5 hearts of health
- Only hostile at night

  • Added the other 4 Mandarin Rings

- Disintegration Beam Ring - when you attack with it is gives the entity slowness, hunger, and wither 
- Vortex Beam Ring - teleports the player almost randomly when right-clicked with
- Impact Beam Ring - is you right click it creates a massive explosion (so far the strongest weapon yet)
- Matter Rearranger Ring - when  you hit an entity it gives then poison, blindess, and harming

  • Now Mandarin can drop all ten rings

  • Added a crafting recipe for the "Mandarin Spawner"

  • Re-added Green Arrow's Bow's crafting recipe

  • Added Radioactive Silk and Webs (Red and Black)

Bug Fixes​

  • Fixed the "Mob Spawn Rates" bug
  • ​Fixed the "No Fall Damage" bug without the suit (must be wearing a hero's entire suit now)
  • Re-textured the Hulkbuster suit
  • Improved the Hulkbuster's flying particles effect
  • Renamed "Wolverine's Blades" to "Wolverine's Claws"



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